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An Entrepreneur Learns From Charlie and His Loose Tooth

I’ll bet little Charlie will make a great entrepreneur one day. I “met” him courtesy of a tweet from author Brené Brown quoting her son: “I really need a play date with Caroline. Her sister has a Nerf gun that pulls out loose teeth.” I smiled for the rest of the afternoon imagining this little […]

Battling Resistance as an Entrepreneur

Battling resistance is really difficult when you’re just starting a new project, product or business. It can stop you dead in your tracks and is most insidious the closer you get to your launch and especially when you’re attempting something you really care about. As Steven Pressfield says in his new book, Do The Work! […]

Why Voice of Possibility?

When we stay open to possibility (instead of letting fear guide our choices), we experience more joy, meaning and purpose than we ever imagined— both in life and business. This is not a theory I’m sharing to make you feel good. I’ve personally lived the truth of it. In this blog I’ll share some of […]