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Debra Gould Buisness Coach and Business MentorCreating your ideal business and lifestyle takes focused effort. When you’re confused about what direction you want to take— or you’re having trouble seeing new possibilities for your life and work— it’s easy to lose hope.

Especially if those around you are having trouble supporting your desire for change, or they just don’t “get” what you’re trying to do.

Having a true mentor who has personally been through the stages you’re struggling through, can make your journey so much easier!

When you’re looking for a coach or mentor, make sure you choose someone who has succeeded at what you’re trying to do!

If you were looking for a trainer for the gym, you’d choose someone fit! If you wanted to learn how to cook for yourself, you’d ask someone who cooks food you like. If you wanted to learn Spanish, you wouldn’t hire someone who only speaks French. If you wanted to learn social media, hopefully you wouldn’t hire someone with few engaged followers.

What’s amazing is how often people hire “coaches” who have no experience in what they’re trying to do. If you want to make a six-figure income, don’t hire someone who has never figured out how to do it for themselves.

What can you expect from business and mentoring with Debra Gould, The Voice of Possibility™?

Support for your search for your ideal business and lifestyle, and practical advice for your transformation.

Someone to share your challenges without judgement.

An experienced marketer and entrepreneur to brainstorm with as you stretch beyond your comfort zone and learn new things.

Your source for what to do next, and how/where to get access to the resources you’ll need.

A way to keep your momentum and stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

Debra’s Track Record and Experience and what it means for you.

Debra Gould has been an entrepreneur and marketing expert since the mid 1980s. She has a BA in Communications, an MBA in Marketing and is a certified NLP Practitioner.

She’s worked for Fortune 100 companies and top advertising agencies.

A master of personal reinvention, Debra knows what it’s like to start and grow a home-based business from the first glimmer of an idea to a 6-figure income— because she’s done it three times in completely different businesses.

Whether you’re: looking for corporate clients, providing products or services to individuals, or running an online business, she’s done it all.

Debra has built virtual teams and set up project management systems, created and marketed her own training programs and ebooks which sell in 21 countries, attracted large followings in social media, created multiple websites and blogs, and been featured in major media in the US, Canada and Australia.

She’s also bought, decorated and sold 7 homes in 3 cities and one tiny island. So if relocation is in your plan, she’ll coach you through the many considerations, including how to make the transition easier for your family.

Are you ready to step into your power?

The “Trial and Error Method” is fine if you’re 20 and/or have lots of money and patience. Debra typically works with clients who are in their 40s and up, and ready to experience the second half of their life quite differently from the first.

If you ache for your ideal business and lifestyle, how long are you going to wait to get started and make it happen?

Business Coaching and Mentoring Plans Start at $397 and are guaranteed to save you tons of time and money compared to figuring this stuff out on your own.

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When you’re not happy with the status quo and you’re ready to step into the many possibilities that lie before you, book a FREE 30-minute Possibility Strategy Session with Debra.

You’ll get to know each other and get ideas to help you start creating your ideal business and lifestyle right now.

It’s all about making your journey that much smoother and less intimidating!

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